Supermercado Invertido
Artista: Finn, Jake, Mordecai y Rigby
Visto en: Aventura En El Supermercado
Tipo: Accion-Comica

Supermarket Inverted (Supermercado Invertido en Latinoamerica) sera la sexta cancion de Un Show De Finn y Jake que sera escuchada en el episodio Aventura En El Supermercado.

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Finn: A Supermarket Inverted

A Place Unseen

Jake: What No I Imaginne

Where Many Sodas Rotten Take

Mordecai: And many pus enjoy ice cream

To colonies can not 'find

Rigby: Supermarket Inverted

Todos: Supermarket Inverted

Finn: Buy Things Expensive Whitou Ceasing

Jake: Many Artifacts To A Beting Villains

Mordecai: Condensed Milk From A Cow Oxigenated

Rigby: Many Fruts To Pay

Mordecai: Supermarket Inverted

Todos: Supermarket Invertd, Supermarket Invertd, Supermarket Invertd


  • Es la sexta cancion de la serie