A Billion Hits o Un Billon de Hits la Cancion de intro de la Serie "Regular Lasty".


A Billion Hits

A Billion Hits

La Canción de Intro en la Serie Termina a los 1:02.

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Aqui encontraras la Letra en Ingles de la Canción.

Didin´t  go nowhere never left uh you really thought that I Was Gone gone gone gone I herd you talking like i lost my swagger said i was  over you wrong wrong wrong wrong.

I´m always improving always on the move working on my flow to take it to the Studio this is not a come back, following my own path laying down the fat tracks still a music maniac.

Whoa well i knog that I°II make in never put my head down t-t- trun it up loud. Yhea ´cause ! don´t have to fake it if ! keep on working it a billion hits is wath i!oo. WHAO o-o-o-o thats im gonna gett(x2)

Yhea ´cause i knog that ill make it, overload the internet a billion hits is wath ill get.

Aqui es donde termina la cancion de Intro aunque la real dura más.